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Travel Insurance for Divers

Not everyone takes the same kinds of holidays. Some people like to go diving in West Sussex or go further afield to the Sinai Peninsula where all kinds of desert and undersea wonders await. While it’s a great pleasure to go on holiday with your family, it’s also important to get travel insurance cover that protects you no matter where you go and what activities you do.

While some holidaymakers like to settle down on the beach with a paperback, others prefer to venture underwater to view exotic marine life and beautiful landscapes. It’s a good idea to choose dive companies with good reputations to ensure your diving is pleasurable and safe.

It’s also important to plan for every eventuality and to get backpacker insurance that covers sports and adventure activities such as diving. Travellers should read the small print as some policies list sports that are excluded. A benefit of this type of insurance is backpackers can visit a host of counties (and dive sites!) during one extended trip and not have to organise cover for every country separately.

Policies will generally provide 24-hour helplines, which are useful for young people travelling alone or for the first time, and who may need assistance with lost luggage or emergency cash. They may also need medical assistance, baggage retrieval and personal item cover, which are particularly useful for divers who may carry valuable diving equipment.

Be wary of policies that exclude scuba diving, in which case you will need to include it as an optional extra. Find out more about the types of travel insurance before you make your set off on your holiday.





















March 2014

Just visited Sulawesi in Indonesia for the first time and can totally recommend it.

We spent a week at the Tasik Ria resort on the North of the island diving in the Bunaken Marine Park. We then moved on to the Lembeh Straits staying at the Kasawari Resort which was very lovely indeed. Lots of new critters were seen including seahorses, frog fish and a whole new fleet of nudibranchs. Just counting the days before we can return.

Meanwhile we are looking forward to the start of the UK diving season.





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Hairspring Scuba


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