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Red Sea Diving

Treat your family and friends to cheap holidays to Sharm el Sheikh and experience a vacation that will surely bring you utmost relaxation and comfort. The breathtaking scenery and places that you can see here will surely give you and your loved ones a fantastic time. This place is perfect both for families and couples seeking a holiday destination that is far from the busy streets of the city. Read on below to know more about the beautiful Sharm el Sheikh.

This page details the dive sites in the SHarm el Sheikh area. The numbers on the left hand side correspond to the numbers in the Sinai Diving Guide. We have listed a few of the things we saw - some pictures are attached. The pictures have all been taken by ourselves.

Straits of Tiran

No. Name What we saw
1 Jackson Reef Red Anemone, Turtles, Giant Moray,
2 Kormoran Sohal Surgeonfish, Moray, Parrotfish , , Tunicates
3 Laguna Reef Unicornfish, Blue-spotted Ray
4 Woodhouse Reef Turtle, Masked Puffer Fish, Blue Spotted Stingray,
5 Thomas Reef Masked Puffer Fish, Lionfish, Lyretailed Anthias, Parrotfish
6 Gordon Reef Parrotfish, Triggerfish,
7 Ras Ghamila Porcupine Fish, Red Sea Coral Grouper
8 Ras Nasrani Devil Scorpion Fish, Napoleon Wrasse,
9 Ras Bob Titan Triggerfish, Masked Buttrfly Fish, Red Sea Bannerfish
10 White Knight Christmas Tree Worms
11 Shark's Bay Fantailed Ray, Lionfish, Masked Pufferfish,
12 Far Garden Not dived yet
13 Fiddle Garden Pyjama Chromadorid, Blue Spotted Ray
14 Middle Garden Milk Fish, Jellyfish, Parrot Fish, Lionfish
15 Near Garden Blue-spotted Rays, Napoleon Wrasse, Picasso Fish
Sharm el Sheikh
No. Name What we saw
16 Sodfa Not dived yet
17 Tower Malibar Grouper, Yellow Saddled Goatfish
18 Pinky Wall Not dived yet
19 Amphoras Not dived yet
20 Turtle Bay Not dived yet
21 Paradise Corals, Lyretailed Anthias,
22 Ras Umm Sid Spanish Dancer (nightdive), Giant Moray, Scorpion Fish
23 Temple Napoleon Wrasse, Parrot Fish, Deadly Titan Trigger Fish
24 Ras katy Napoleon Wrasse, Blue Spotted Stingray, Broomtailed Wrasse,
25 Ras Ghozlani Pipe Fish, Arabian Boxfish,
26 Ras Za'atar Turtle, Starry Puffer , Red Sea Grouper
27 Ras Burg Not dived yet
28 Jackfish Alley Red Sea Coral Grouper, Surgeon Fish, Orange Spined Unicorn Fish
29 Eel garden Not dived yet
30 Shark Observatory Masked Puffer Fish, Anthias, Moray
31 Shark & Yolanda Reef Bluespotted Stingray, Jackfish, Sharks?, Octopus, mating Morays
Strait of Gubal
No. Name What we saw
32 The Alternatives Dived Aug 2009
33 Dunraven Napoleon Wrasse, Stonefish, Clearfin Lionfish,
34 Small Crack Dived Feb 2010
35 Shag Rock Dived Feb 2010
36 Thistlegorm Crocodile Fish, Pyjama Chromodroid,
Sha'ab Abu Nuhus
No. Name What we saw
37 Ghiannis D. Dived Feb 2010
38 Carnatic Dived Feb 2010
39 Marcus / Chrisoula K Dived Feb 2010
40 Kimon M. Not dived yet
No. Name What we saw
41 North Ras Abu Galum Not dived yet
42 South Ras Abu Galum Not dived yet
43 Blue Hole - El Bells Not dived yet
44 The Canyon Not dived yet
45 Ras Abu Helal Not dived yet
46 Eel Gardens Not dived yet
47 Lighthouse Not dived yet
48 The Islands Not dived yet
49 Napoleon Reef Not dived yet
50 Moray Garden Not dived yet
51 Three Pools Not dived yet
52 The Caves Not dived yet
53 North gabr el Bint Not dived yet





March 2014

Just visited Sulawesi in Indonesia for the first time and can totally recommend it.

We spent a week at the Tasik Ria resort on the North of the island diving in the Bunaken Marine Park. We then moved on to the Lembeh Straits staying at the Kasawari Resort which was very lovely indeed. Lots of new critters were seen including seahorses, frog fish and a whole new fleet of nudibranchs. Just counting the days before we can return.

Meanwhile we are looking forward to the start of the UK diving season.





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