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The Dunraven was a British Steamer the wreck of which is on the Southern edge of Sha'ab Mahmoud. This area is also known as Beacon Rock as the wreck is directly below the South Cardinal beacon.

After leaving Travco Marina, in Old Sharm you head south past Ras Mohammed, the wreck is another hour boat ride after the national park. The area where the Dunraven is situated can be prone to bad weather conditions. Once at the reef there is some protection from the waves although getting in and out of the water difficult as the sea can still be a little rough.

The Dunraven was built in 1873 in Newcastle and hit the reef in 1876. The wreck sits inin 30 meters of water and lays right next to the reef wall and is completely upside down in two sections. The length is about 80m and it's about 10m wide.

The stern section is in about 29m to the sand and is open in places for those qualified to enter. This leads to a swim through by the side of the ship's boiler and out where the wreck has broken in half. The exit being usually filled with glass fish in their thousands. The bow section is in shallower water with loads of places to stick your head into, but nowhere to get in.

After the bow section the dive is usually done by fining over the hull which is covered in coral and then moving onto the reef wall and the shallows to finish the dive. A very large Napoleon Wrasse is often seen at this site.




March 2014

Just visited Sulawesi in Indonesia for the first time and can totally recommend it.

We spent a week at the Tasik Ria resort on the North of the island diving in the Bunaken Marine Park. We then moved on to the Lembeh Straits staying at the Kasawari Resort which was very lovely indeed. Lots of new critters were seen including seahorses, frog fish and a whole new fleet of nudibranchs. Just counting the days before we can return.

Meanwhile we are looking forward to the start of the UK diving season.





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